Found in a Hut...the 'Family' - Lee Goldberg

Self Gathering Nuts - Mara Thompson

Self Gathering Nuts and their orchards were first described on 10/10/10.

 Notes concerning Hollow Men and Doubles by William Evertson

William's notebook page 97 is mentioned in the story line on Nov. 9, 2010.

 Notebook page - Mark Bloch -  Description of cave from the events of 12/3/10

Notebook page - William Evertson - Map of Mount Analogue 

March 27, 2001

When I pulled out the last bag of Cracker Jacks it was a ceremony to be thankful for the clues that led us here.  Unaccountably, there were no peanuts.  The squirrels knew, by odor, the situation.  Through certain channels I was able to contact Cracker Jacks with my concern.  This is their timely response.

Let us include a bin of "REAL PRIZES"  in the Mount Analogue gift shop.