Flora - Fauna

Self Gathering Nuts - First mentioned on 10/10/10   Self Gathering Nuts are also reminiscent of the selection of kindred spirits that Daumal builds his original team from.   André Breton's idea of "the superiority of impassioned people to people with common sense."  comes to mind. 

In our case; the writers spontaneously began the journey during a discussion of Mount Analogue and indeed; the team self gathered.

Self Gathering Nuts in Motion by Mara Thompson

Blue Squirrels - Although in Daumal's original work the blue squirrels were only mentioned in passing on this expedition they have played a significant role.

Target - Mara Thompson

Dozing against a warm rock, thinking about the attempt in '81, I felt someone's presence.

One of the blue squirrels, a young one, had paused and looked me in the eye. I heard, or rather, images came to me.

The meaning was clear, "No target". I blinked and the squirrel was gone.

We knew that hunting was forbidden from this point on, but there was something more to the message.

Doubler Birds Bathing - Mara Thompson

Doubler Bird Duplex -  Mara Thompson
Doubler Bird families live in a duplex, sharing most day to day survival and bonding activities.

Where's My Boots by Susan Shulman