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The Events of October 16 to March 15 - Chapter 31

October 16, 2013
©Susan Shulman

Susan - HEY…………anyone left here on this mountain? I yodeled out, hearing my incredulously perfectly pitched voice echoing between the peaks. I started singing at the top of my lungs, the reverb between the mountains electrifying my vocal chords as purple pulsating notes shot out of my mouth releasing words in perfect harmony. “Picture myself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Somebody calls me, I answer quite slowly…a girl with kaleidoscope eyes..” oh…the Beatles would be so proud.
I sang my heart out, hoping for a musical comeback. Everything appeared so foggy and strange with orange blurry stripes expanding and contracting like a force field around me. I felt deliciously vibrant and hungry all at the same time. My range of perceptions and concentrations were acute as I penetrated the tiniest incredibly significant quark of sand for clues about the other climbers and the meaning of life. I was one with the mountain. Damn, these must be some good mushrooms!

October 17, 2013

Mara - It seemed as if months had passed. I brushed leaves off and gently shook my head to wake up. A couple of squirrels poked up out of my pockets, clearly annoyed that I botched their cozy nap plans. Turning to my left I saw a wall.. no.. it's the side of a boat.. wood from the tangerine tree...

I peeked over the edge... I'm in an air ship actually, with all the loose ends hopelessly tangled in the gum trees. Various implements were scattered over the ground as if someone had been working to free the ropes from the gums. Instead, an odd growing sculpture had developed as each tool stuck in turn. Apparently the work site had been abandoned.

November 20, 2013
©Susan Shulman

Susan - “Ech, yuck, that tickles, get that slobbering slimy crap off of me!”
I heard Bill and Mark yelling and freaking in the background.
“Chill out” I screamed as I pulled out my trusty mother of pearl and gold gilt monocular to get a clearer view. ”Its just Fish’N Kiss’s Blues. Look at all those magnificent schools of iridescent jewels swimming and flying our way breaking through the waves. The Tides have changed and I think Harmony is trying to untangle this mess!

December 2, 2013

Mara - Ideally, my finger drew a line in the sand. The beach tree rustled with promise of more. (Correction: "Idolly")

December 27, 2013

©Susan Shulman

Susan - The unexpected sounds of swishing and swooshing became louder and bolder. I heard what sounded like a gentle clucking, like the soft tut-tut blowing of a harmonica amidst the broken sounds of humming and grunting. I tried to make it out... was it some low down guttural blues? It came into view. That tutued adorned Kanga Roo from down under. "G'day matey, you got any bush tucker?" I looked around to see if anyone else saw her!

December 30, 2013
©Susan Shulman

Susan - Then the jester showed up......

January 20, 2014
©Susan Shulman

Susan - And the Olympics were starting on the mountain!

February 27, 2014
©Susan Shulman

Susan - Like a rolling stone...the monkey man was making its way to the mountain!

©Mara Thompson

Mara - I awoke after a particularly odd dream. With a dream hangover I unzipped my sleeping bag and slowly stood, hanging onto the vestiges of fleeting images. Well, I'm still in the now... air ship still stuck in the Gum Trees. Closing my eyes, I sat down on the bag again. Somehow hanging onto the dream images seemed very important and since I at least know I am safe above ground I can relax for a few. The dream.... Caves with drawings on the walls.... the drawings are marching, marching and also attempting to organize and reorganize themselves. I'm there holding a clipboard. Quickly I began to write down and sketch my impressions of the drawing's movements. I dug my "real life" sketchbook out of the rucksack and put down the impressions.

March 15, 2014
©Susan Shulman

Susan - March 15 the Ideas of March.
As I sat on the beach with the waves tickling my toes I was daydreaming about the date. We kept track of the years and days using Bill’s sundial. Mara kept an accurate diary and logged our adventures, thinking some day some one would be interested. She is so organized. Hummmm…today is the Ides of March. Should we be aware or beware? I was wondering?
No the “Ideas of March” Fish whispered. Anything is possible. When fish fly he said..well……….Susan..look in the sky. That ain’t superman.!!!

Ria -  A passage from Khong Lo will explain this:
I've found a land of dragons
And snakes to settle down in,
This rustic pleasure brings joy
The whole day through.
At times I climb to the solitary peaks,
Sending forth a long whistle
That chills the universe.

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