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The Events of 1/02 - 1/10 - Chapter 15 - Balloon Man and Insect Conversations

January 2, 2011

Susan  - A mix of white with evaporating green throbbing smudges passed by my vision as I was plummeting deeper and deeper down the slide of the mountain. I wasn’t terrified anymore. I was exhilarated. The cortisol in my body dissipated with the freedom of my plunge. I calmly bent my right knee raising it so I could grab my calf. As I was tumbling I instinctively remembered to start stroking the fur of my blue mukluks. My foggy mind clearing as I breathed slower and euphoria warmed me like a mother’s arms. 
For a moment time seemed to cease. I was hovering in the air, recalling when I was six sitting with my family at the long oak table in our three-room country cabin in Joliette, located on the edge of that ninety-degree cliff where we ran down to fish. My dad had finished feeding the white enamel and caste iron McClary stove with the bronze claw legs. The flames had instantly rushed over the top of the oven, directly to the chimney heating the top of the oven so he could cook. Fresh farm bacon was sizzling in the blackened pan as he jolted it briskly back and forth. With his left hand he flipped the French toast over in one flawless movement as he tossed them into the air. Intoxicating aromas danced and swirled around in my memory, permeating my nostrils as I started to taste a delicious slice of my mother’s freshly baked twisted challah covered in freshly dripped honey.

My dream came to a sudden halt as I crashed down on my derriere. Rolling over a few times as snow covered me like a snow ball, I finally came to a full stop staring at yet another strange creature floating in the air in front of me. I wiped the taste of food from my mouth!
“Ahhhhhhh….BilI.” I laughed. “Finally, help has arrived. I am just not sure who is helping who!” I blurted out as I dusted the snow off my body.

Mark  - I awoke to the sound of jostling outside the tent. I peeked out through the opening and saw Susan and Bill chatting. I was not ready for social interaction just yet so I turned back over in my sleeping bag and suddenly remembered my dream. I had been hiking with Susan when suddenly Ria's voice appeared behind us but no matter what we did or said, we could not connect with her. It was so disorienting and so vivid. I felt like it had really happened. Wait. Had it? I was confused. I grabbed my sketchbook and began to make some notes. Mara was always scribbling away. Maybe it would help me too; to write things down.

Lee  - Moving into that wavy light was certainly a leap of faith but onward I went.  It felt pulsating and just a bit prickly but lasted only an instant. I found myself standing in front of a dilapidated cabin..
not very inviting and looking most desert No wonder the others all kept talking about hut 8..ed.  Clearly no one had used this or been here in many years; there was not even a path close by.  This ramshackle place could be easily missed or dismissed.  I thought Maku must be wrong and meant us to go to hut 8 or 9.

"Trust me" , she whispered.
Here I am , confused again and without the other travelers.  They must be half way up the mountain by now.  They would probably think I'd decided not to join them because of my aversion to cold and snow.  I remembered the words of Milefo, 

"We each have our own path and our own lessons to discover."
One thing I've learned has been to follow my instincts and leave the fear behind.   Just as well as nothing here on this island is what it seems.
Nothing is as it seems kept going thru my mind.   So with that, I knocked on the door.
I heard footsteps, the door was thrown open and I was invited inside..
"Curiouser and curiouser," I said to Maku as we crossed the thresh hold.

Mark  - Let's see...I drew a diagram. I had been to Hut 8, Hut 7 and Hut 6, but before that there was only the vial. I could only remember being inside that vile. It had been decades since I was actually in Hut 8 but every now and then I would return there as if in a dream... via the live writing on the cave walls, the waffle broadcasts and that strange waterfall Mara had found in that woman's hat. It seemed as if at least once of us was going back there once a day. What was it... Just what is it that makes Hut 8 so different, so appealing?

January 6, 2011

William  - As luck??? would have it, Susan's fall ended when her parka snagged on an arête protruding from the icy crevasse wall. The phrase raining cats and dogs briefly flashed through my head because raining Rias and Susans didn't have the same ring to it.

I felt something...a rope probably, lasso my feet and start to pull. Reaching out, I lock hands onto Susan's harness and Ria soon has us both pulled to the edge. I manage getting an arm over the top and suddenly feel Susan blithely clamber up over the top of me. They both pause, give each other a wink; then reach down and fish me the rest of the way out.
I lay on my back gasping for breath in the thin air staring up at the two women who seeming none the worse for wear.

Ria after peering back down the crevasse turned back to me and said; "I don't know what you think you were doing, in fact you haven't passed certification in Non-Euclidian crevasse exploration let alone Non-Euclidian extractions."
Sitting up I look at her with a new awareness.abet liminal. "We've discovered a Non-Euclidian creavasse!!!"

Shaking her head, Ria says, "zijt ge op uwe kop gevallen?" - (did you fall on your head?) "I discovered it and was exploring when you rudely lashed my feet together and gave me the old heave ho"

****Authors Note - ***William's note book describes Ria as having a PHD in Non-Orientable Surfaces. Her dissertation concerning the decanting of a Klein Bottles. Pages 117 to 118***

 Ria's Non-Orientable Waffle Proof - William Evertson

Lee  - "I think we're not where we should be...this really looks wrong," I said to Maku.
Hut 7 - Lee Goldberg
Before us was a very unusual looking teepee looking structure.  Everything was a little off is Mt. Analogue.  I think I see some of the other travelers in the upstairs (upstairs in a teepee?)'d be way ahead of me climbing way past hut 8 and certainly not here in what I expected to be hut 7...but...there they were..well sort of ..them.  

Then, I saw myself sitting in the doorway....opps...that's not right.  "Holy crap! now what do I do?"
Maku calmly said, "Obviously you zigged when you should have zagged...we just go back problem...."
"Really? that's all? go back? How? " 
With that we turned around (I turned around, as Maku was on my shoulder) and quickly retraced the way we came.  In front of us was a wave of energy that I gingerly stepped through.

January 9, 2011

Susan  - As Ria was giving William some much needed advise about crevices and they were arguing who found what, I must admit I quite understood Ria no matter what language she was speaking... HOJOTOHO was the last thing I assimilated before quickly being abruptly shaken from my thoughts as I looked up in the air and caught sight of something quite extraordinary. I quickly grabbed the extra pop up telescope I had buried under my Russian fur chapeau and popped it open to adjust my sight. As my view sharpened, what came into the vista was Mark, or a being who resembled him, except he was round and swollen, like a bluish blow-fish swaying in the breeze with something swinging and swaying next to him. A giant tail. A big bushy squirrel one. 
Mark had joined the blues. He was always researching a lot about his art and his life since he joined the quest and I guess it should be of no surprise that he now morphed into one of them.

Mesmerized, I did not budge or move a muscle, in awe, watching as he floated carelessly among the see-through clouds. Not a care in the world. All of a sudden he dropped altitude like a dead weight. A comet-like blur of blue came crashing down, smashing onto the east side of the mountain. Momentum built up as he rolled continuously down the side of the chasm tumbling over and over plummeting down. I was not positive if I heard him yelling or laughing hysterically. 
I turned for a moment to put the telescope back into my hair when I realized Bill and Ria were next to me wearing astounded expressions. Bill smiled and spoke excitedly. 
“Well, it appears Mark has learned how to fly. Susan, Ria…it seems we have a way to get to the top of the Mount Analogue!” 
I laughed as we all witnessed Mark crash into the sea bobbing up and down with the waves. 
“Yes..Mark has great altitude or is it attitude..” I chuckled. “We can use the red ropes, create a basket and make some sand bags. Ria twirled all around dancing ecstatically. 
“Yes, we have plenty of that around here! She howled in some other language!

We started to prepare Mark our (hot air balloon) for our journey hoping we would be able to find the others to inform them of our important discovery! 
“Well, who is going to tell Mark, I whispered to Bill and Ria…heads or squirrel tales as I tossed up one of the coins from my hair….”

Mark  - I continued scribbling in my journal. "Let's see," I muttered to myself, "yeah, Hut 8 but then Hut 2,3, and 4. The waterfall.... a fresh rock fall below, and above an opening to the sky.... "

I was thinking it was such a rare thing for multiples to meet. it could cause a rip in the tunnel fabric... But yet my notes didn't lie. Weird things were happening. At one point Susan was the same height as Mara on the cliff and waved frantically to her. But she never saw her. As I watched them I started to feel faint and blackness started to overtake me. Brilliant flashing lights were sparkling in my eyes creating swirling designs and patterns. But... that was just my dream. Or was it? Thank goodness I was safely here in the tent. "I'd better get up," I said out loud. "I can continue diagramming later."

 January 10

Hut 7 Dining Room - Lee Goldberg
Lee  - Walking into 'hut 7' (none of them seem like HUTS) I felt information overload immediately.  First the place is quite large with quite a few rooms.  The floors are stone a little cold but the rooms themselves were comfortable.  The room that I found most interesting would, I guess, be the dining area.  The walls are covered with stuff; pictures of some of the island's plants and animals.   A green monkey was sitting beside a red shoe and there were a couple of blue squirrels with a sweet looking orange and black cat. On the table was a large raven standing in front of a large interesting looking box, rolls of papers were behind the table with other bits of information.  
In a corner behind a chair was a very strange looking figure; part bug-person, what? 
He did look friendly.  A bowl of fresh fruit sat behind the table and a another small bowl held some broth.  I realized I was famished and couldn't remember the last time I ate.  So this seemed a good room to stop, rest, and investigate.
The bug man said, "You must be tired after your travels..please have some soup."
"Why, thank you, I'd love to." I said, quite surprised to hear him speak.....

William's Insect Self  - I clicked my mandibles in the manner of the climber people to put the female at ease. The woman known as Lee replied in a soft voice which eased my concerns. I suspect my accent would not prove to be a problem. She seemed hungry so I grasped the bowl with my tarsi and offered broth. It was thin as our supplies were meager, the blues who supply the hut a bit overdue.

Gazing at the sunlight reflecting from her aspects reminded me of the jewels sometimes cut into geometrics by the shore dwellers.

Being the first of this group I had seen I was curious if she knew the Bibita. I unfurled my fore-wing and handed Lee a magnifying glass.

 Concerning the Origin of Bibita - William Evertson

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