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The Events of 12/15 - 12/25 Chapter 13 "To Mulka and Beyond"

December 15, 2010

William  -  (writing as Lee) As the man came closer I can make out that he was stocky with a bit of a belly; not what I expected a true mountaineer to look like at all. He sets a large sack beside the trail and waves, then calls out,
"Lee, we didn't expect you over here; why aren't you with the group?
Toto peeks from behind my back then makes a beeline for the man and scampers round and round his bulging rucksack. The man waves a finger at the monkey.
"Ahh...It makes sense now; you followed Otto. He's become very fond of sharing my lunch."
Patting his belly, he continued, "Although, I can always do with more sharing." "Sit Lee, sit and share a bite; we've been expecting you.
He sits on a rock and wrestles off a pair of red cowboy boots that look very much like the ones Susan wore at the beginning of our trek.
"Oww...much better; I'm still not used to these. My friend René used to remark how shoes are not like feet..we can choose them. For now I choose these. René used to call me Milefo; now tell me Lee; how do I know your name?"
The monkey reaches into Milefo's sack, retrieves an apple; takes a bite. Both are looking at me for an answer.

Lee  -  "Well, sir...ummm, Milefo..sorry about the name, Otto..I was sure you chattered Toto.  Thanks for the food." I didn't realize how famished I am.
It's so good to see someone other than the outlandish animals I've encountered, present company excluded of course  (Otto giggled again)

Somehow it seems I've lost track of my companions as well as time and place.  I'm so confused and really have a lot of questions but then that's my nature; the questions, I mean, as to how you know my name.  That is a mystery to me as I don't think I've seen you before; have I?   Or could it be a memory thing?
The last thing I remember is being in a strange cave and walking through a kind of wave in the air.  It seems that on the other side of the wave is this lavender field, quite beautiful, by the way.  But there's no sign of my friends here.  Looking down at the harbor seems different; am I on the other side of the island?  Did that wave just put me out another exit?  Is there a way to get back?
I'm sorry I have so many questions for you and very few answers.

And by the way, your boots seem to be standard footware for this part of the world.
Is there somewhere I might find a pair?
I'm still looking for the people of the island, might they be in the harbor below?"

Milefo started to laugh...Otto flew around giggling....
Milefo's Red Boots - William Evertson ©2010

Mara  - While immobilized Maramara began to feel a tickling in her toes. Allowing it, with no move either this way or that way, there was a hush whoosh and she was standing as integrated Mara with a composite of iron-salts, nutgalls and (Beaman's) gum in a can and a squirrel hair brush in the other.

Composite of iron-salts, nutgalls and (Beaman's) gum in one hand and a squirrel hair brush in the other - Mara Thompson
‎"I'm leaving a trail for any followers, and if we find ourselves way off base these will help us find the time." Placing the tools on the ground Mara asked, "William, Mark, Susan, Ria, are you ready to go to the Hut 8 of 1908? I think that Lee may have proceeded us, I hope she found more climbers!"

Lee  -  We sat in the midst of the lavender field on smooth stones.  Miliefo shared some dried fruit and nuts with Otto and me.
"You were right about Otto's is Toto on the other side of the time wave."

Lee with Milefo - Lee Goldberg ©2010

He continued; "There are many things on the other side that are quite different from here, this IS Oz-Wonderland-the island of the lost and maybe every other fantastic place you've ever heard of.
The island and the mountain have always been here; it's just you visitors that make things change."

Milefo seemed kind and was taking care to try to explain things to me.

"Lee, remember the mind is the most powerful element in your story.
What you remember, what you experience, what you imagine, all are parts that intermingle with the experience and imagination of your companions.
You are all creating the journey you are on.
It is as real as you are.
There are many dimensions here; each holding its own components and each will change your stories as you progress.
There have been many before you and there will be many that will continue to find their way here, as have you....and your father before you."
Something caught my attention on the horizon and when I looked back.
..Milefo was gone.   

..Otto/Toto was gone
I sat alone in the field of lavender.....

 Alone in the Lavender Fields - Lee Goldberg ©2010

December 18, 2010

Lee  - He said to not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
He also said...a path that is a path already traced is not the Path..........I looked around for a path NOT to follow, so I could find my way to the others.....

December 20, 2010

Mara  - Mulka is December 21st. We set our thoughts on Camp 8, 1908, looking forward to seeing the other climbers. The squirrels telepathically assured us that all the food and prep would be their pleasure, they will meet us there.  
(The squirrels' wagon has arrived at Camp 8.!!)

December 21, 2010

Lee  - Mara's map did come in handy, though the trip through the warp was smooth as usual...this is such a beautiful unspoiled Island in 1908...very peaceful unlike what is going on in the rest of the world..we are lucky to be here to celebrate and plan for what's next on our journey. There's much to see and learn here no matter what time we're in....

December 23, 2010

Mark Susan and I abruptly found ourselves trudging up the mountain toward Base Camp 5. "I feel like we have been ascending forever and not getting anywhere" I confessed. "That's because of the Butterfield Blues thing," she said. "The higher we climb, the further back in time we go." 

"And we've been climbing at just the right pace so that with each step we take, we stay exactly where we just were" said Ria's voice behind us. Startled, Susan and I turned around to look at her but there was no one there!

 Ria's Voice from Across Time - Mark Bloch ©2010

December 24, 2010

Susan  - I was partaking in the festivities and then in one instant, one zap, poof I found myself climbing a most precarious cliff out of breath. It was hard to breath, as I saw my vapors turning to frozen fog. I could not distinguish land beyond Mark. I was relieved that I was not alone. At least he is here with me! I started to whistle until Mark whispered to me to stop because I could start an avalanche. I commenced to recall the night’s festivities. That was some celebration last night; I will never forget the music and singing…better than Woodstock!

I pushed Mark into the snow and fell down next to him and made a snow angel. I think we should coin it “Mulkastock” I screamed loudly, giggling uncontrollably with delight! Oops, I must be behaving oddly due to the thinness of the air! Seems I am always bursting out with laughter and finding everything absurd. I wonder when I will get used to the altitude.

Snow Angels on Mount Analogue - Susan Shulman ©2010

Mark was staring at me upset that his gold Victorian explorer’s pocket compass from 1860 that his grandfather gave him fell and got stuck in the snow. As I looked down the hinged mahogany block opened and I noticed the blue steel needle engraved with N and S in gold lettering, and a clean paper dial divided into degrees and displaying all the points of the compass. I could identify the name BLOCK Co. in a bold font stamped in gold on the interior of the cover. AHA…Mark’s family invented the compass!!! I wondered if it actually works here on Mount Analogue. Maybe that is why he joined the climb. Another mystery to solve I wondered.

All of a sudden, Mark put his finger to his lips to tell me to be quiet. “Shhhhh”. He quietly muttered. “Did you catch that? I think Ria and the gang are finally catching up to us”.
As I turned over to get a better view, tiny bluish icicles flew off my hair shattering onto the cold fresh blowing snow. What seemed like Ria’s shape meandering towards us through the blizzard vanished? “Mark”, I blurted out, what is going on? That was really weird”. I half smiled realizing Mark knows I am scared for the first time on this climb and he tries to humor me with some monkey jokes!
Lee  - While part of the group decided to start climbing I opted to find my self a cozy warm hut to wait out the bad weather.
I thought there might be some clues or other artifacts in the huts along the way of travelers past.  There are still many caves to explore as well.

Now I'm not totally sure what time I'm in but will probably figure it out soon enough.
Analogue Island has as many climate zones as times so I'm sure a rainforest could be in my future; and where is that sweet little Otto/Toto when I need a good guide?

I need to check out the contents of my backpack again to see what could be helpful.  I know there is a Bloch Co. compass as well as some field notes.  I keep hearing,  "Don't follow the path to find THE PATH..."   
So across the field away from the trail might be where I'll find ........?
December 25, 2010
Mark  - As we waited for Ria and the others to join us, including Bibiana, Angela and others who were so far away and yet around the corner, I told Susan the one about Gumby and the monkey testicles. That always seemed to calm her. She has been scared shitless ever since we departed from Hut 3 and I was doing what I could to keep things on an even keel despite all the distractions. I had grown used to Ria's voice emanating from behind us;

"Some believe that the roots of cubism are to be found in the two distinct facets of Cézanne's later work: first, breaking the painted surface into small multifaceted areas of paint, emphasizing the plural viewpoint given by binocular vision, and second, his interest in the simplification of natural forms into cylinders, spheres, and cones." 
It seemed an odd thing to mention yet I could not resist the temptation to rebutt her. "The cubists explored this concept further than Cézanne," I said, "They represented all the surfaces of depicted objects in a single picture plane, as if the objects had all their faces visible at the same time. This new kind of drawing stuff revolutionized the way in which objects could be visualized." 
"Very good professor!" said Susan to me and then to no one in particular she added in a mocking tone, "English art historian Douglas Cooper said "Early Cubism", lasted from 1906 to 1908 when the movement was initially developed in the studios of Picasso and Braque." I searched my mind for the one about the monkey and the flea as I wondered where Ria was.

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