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The Events of 10/25/2010 - 11/13/2010 - Chapter 6

October 26, 2010

William - We started to wade out a bit;  Ria casting glances back to the driftwood where we last saw Mara sitting.

"This is crazy, Mara was helping me rig my rappel topside and after my..mmm..controlled descent; it somehow looks as if she beat me down.... Now I don't see her. I'm sure she was sitting right there."

We wade past the bow and see the most incredible tangle of arms and legs emerge from the water. Susan has someone in a fireman's carry; someone wearing red cowboy boots.

Susan's mukluks make loud mudsuck sounds as she collapses on the sand with her rescued victim, a female with bright curly blue hair. Susan begins CPR and their hair is a mass of confused tangle.

The woman sputters and spits out a blue seahorse which promptly wiggles back into the water.
She opens her eyes to see Susan in the middle of chest compression. Susan's eyes go wide.

"You're me."

See Horse Seeing it All - Susan Shulman
October 27, 2010
Susan - I landed, kaboom, straight on top of blue knocking the can out of Maras hand, or at least that was my plan. Before I had time to evaluate the situation in my already foggy mind, something smashed into me. I was more than startled and my primal instinct took over. I clung onto the thing because I felt like I was starting to tumble down and the land below was materializing quickly into view. Grasping and clutching for my life my hair was tangling all over my face blinding my eyes. I tried to climb over the object thinking if I could find a flat plane I could launch myself up into the air to safety. Oh Kali, how did I find myself in this predicament? Why did I accept to go on this adventure with these exotic and unpredictable people? Some, I had never met. The common thread was Bill. We all knew Bill. Is it possible that this unassuming debonair AKA Fred Astaire guy is causing all this havoc? As I was having a breakthrough in solving the puzzle of this journey, I crashed into the water. I quickly bobbed to the surface, due to the buoyancy of my hair. I gasped for air while spitting out some seawater and that, is when I noticed, that entity floating next to me facedown. I swam towards it and turned it over. Blinking through my dripping wet eyelashes to clear my vision, I saw my red cowboy boots! I should have known!

Susan Rescues Herself - William Evertson

William - Ria looks from Susan's CPR efforts at her own feet and sees that her feet are still clad in red cowboy boots. Identical twins to the pair on the prone figure Susan was working to revive.

She glances quickly at Bill's feet and somehow feels slightly relieved to see his usual black Converse high tops; soggy but the only normal to be found.

William - Ria takes a step back and sits on the driftwood where she last saw Mara. The wood slippery feels slippery and she slides off backwards.  "Bloody Hell".
She props herself back to a siting position and finds herself sitting next to Mara, on a high ledge, peers down at the Susans and Bill on the beach
Finger to her lips, Mara says,
"Shush, something strange is going on."

Mara - "Ria, creep up to the edge and look over", what do you see? Ria hesitates and says, "It's ... you?" Mara responded, "It seems we've the chance to examine ourselves and our motivations for coming on this trip. The Mara in the middle is holding the rope, not escaping but assisting Big Blue. The Mara at the bottom was listening to his plea to explain to the higher Mara that the can would hold the water that the abalcabal needed in their upper pools. I can see now that they used to have an easily accessed water supply, but now the burden has fallen on Big Blue to transport all the water via his tail. If we can get down there via this rope, and rig a system to transport our empty cans, filled with water it would help them". Turning around Mara examines how the rope is anchored, satisfied she turns back to Ria. "Gather your gear, we're going to join our group the old fashioned way, by rappelling."

William - “I would but the big one made off with with everything"

Mara – “Bill"! Exclaims Mara, "Where'd you come from? I never did see who lowered this rope, perhaps it was Big Blue rather than one of us anyway, the anchor job is first rate". Perhaps it's time for a mountain climbing never-ending haiku:

Time and space explains
nothing to the travelers
Pass me a waffle

Pass me a waffle
The crispy outside reminds
Hard shell hides soft heart

Susan - I feel my body stretching and humming. I look down witnessing my likeness giving my duplicate self, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Seeing myself through myself. Is it I, or an illusion of me? Am I here, or did I never leave. Is this my astral body coming to rescue me or am I the dream body projection. Are the red boots my umbilical cord to return me back to the comfort of my world? I was trying to remember if that was the totem I created to transport me from this altered state to reality. Which dimension is this? I am living layers and layers of stories now and try to focus on the familiar voices resonating louder and bolder tunneling me back from my subconscious. Susan get out of that trance and open your eyes”.

William - Susan's efforts are paying off and the woman I am already starting to regard as SuTwo struggles to breath.
"Thin..thin..can't breath", she manages to croak.
She looks remarkably like our Susan, except for the blue hair. Her skin tone seems s...lightly blue, but I put that off for now as she still seems in distress.
More by instinct than any rational thought, I grab Susan's rucksack which she abandoned when she had raced and leaped down the beach.
I pulled her diatonic blues harp out of a side flap and placed it in SuTwo's mouth. With huge gasping intakes which sound like a locomotive whistle her color began to return.
"What have you done? Why did you pluck me from the sky and bring me here? Where is Hermes? Where is my horse"

October 29, 2010
Ria – “Rappelling huh?” I said, “good luck with that. Blue got my lucky red rope and I'm not going down that slope in these boots anyway.”

I sat down and worked to get the red boots off. A cluster of blue teeny tiny squirrels ran out ... 'bloody hell,' I murmured, 'these guys get around.' I swiftly put my hand on one's tail. 'Gotya!" I said. Now, let's see what you got in those cheeks, you cheeky thing!

I grabbed the creature by its neck, like cats do with their kittens. Apparently that was enough stress for the little guy to spit out its cheek contents. Flabbergasted I gazed at a string of wonderfully bright small bluish peradams ... I said to Mara, 'wow, finding these-hell, finding ourselves-can't ever be the result of our conscious effort can it? What were we thinking?' Then, I made a mistake: I looked the squirrel straight in its beady eyes ...

October 30, 2010
Susan - “Duplicating…duplicity…doubles…I think I need one of those!” I blurted out as the air started to explode into my being. “Who the hell are you people and why are you all gawking at me?” I stared at these two disheveled entities bending down... in front of me. One was gagging me with some kind of instrument wish holes preventing me from breathing while the other was stooped over in such a position it blocked the light from my vision. All I perceived was an obscure looking shadow. There was something vaguely familiar about both of these shapes.

November 1, 2010
Mara - There is something about blue. Stretching deeply and gazing at the roof of the cave I could see the sky brightening towards day. Rather, there is something about the infinite, represented by blue.... a field of continuity in a disconnected world that is both a comfort and frightening...

“OMG! -I'm being sucked up into the sky by the void... When I said I was MT I didn't expect this!”

November 4, 2010
Lee - I watched from above while the travelers (and duplicates) struggled with what was happening.  It seemed quite impossible to put this situation right. It was important to get all the duplicates & blues back thru the wormhole before the blue moon rose. that could be an impossibility now that the 1's & 2's & maybe even 3's are aware of one another.  Ah, what could happen if they all stayed here? The island was quite isolated. Perhaps, if everyone stayed in place?

November 7, 2010
Mara – “From here I see the sea. There is a scattering of atolls and islands, that none of us had yet heard about. Looking down, the drama is being played out in classic fashion and back I go, careening towards them. "Boof"! Into the shallow layer of woofie dust I go. Their eyes opened wide. I hear the echo, "Island of Stability... Mara... go to that Island of Stability".

November 9, 2010
William  - *Authors Note to the First Edition: In looking over the various volumes of notebooks, we discovered a curious passage in William's journal describing the happenings of Susan and the woman with the seahorse. Quoting William's passages from 96-97 (codex IV with bristlecone covering)

"In the describing of certain things there always exists room for later elaboration. The sight of Susan's resuscitating herself with an harmonica
certainly may call for better accounting at a later date. In fact as I dwell on the mental vision that a reader may draw in their minds eye, I believe it would be best not to speculate too much. I certainly felt at the time that; "this was her". Or that Susan perhaps had a twin or duplicate of some sort.  I regret at the time that I had not spent more time with a small section of our guides recommendations concerning hollow men. A few thoughts cast in that direction may have lead me down a slightly less dangerous path. Although my fellow climbers have chided me at times for my extreme caution, I have attempted more than one leap of faith that ended at the bottom of a crevasse. The crux I believe (still, I might add, although we have been under considerable barrage of facts) was not considering onions."

Susan - As the fog in my brain evaporated, I saw the outline of Captain Bill. “Is ttttthat youuuuu Sir?” my words seeming to stutter and slur through my quivering blue lips. “Reporting for …duty. Sir!” The man scanning down at me seemed startled a...nd whispered deeply into my water-filled ear. “I don’t know who you are, but I think it would be in your best interest if you never said or spoke of that again Susan!” All I could hear was the faint resonance of his truly wonderful voice. I could not understand a word he was uttering to me as I saw his lips moving. It sounded like he was singing to me and the tones permeating my mind were echoing and reverberating. I smiled, grinning widely, and got up and curtseyed. “Captain Bill, what is that lovely melody?” At that very moment I noticed me staring back at me. “I get it…you made this happen…you couldn’t leave it alone!” You had to have one again. A blue one this time.”

November 11, 2010
William  - *Authors note to the First Edition continued: pages 98 -104 are covered with (at present) indecipherable scratching and slight blotching resembling animal tracks. It is possible that these are drawings; although they are not in William's style. His notation picks up again on page 105 in mid sentence.

" ...and her predilection for prime numbers have led to a curious condition which we discovered after much trial and error. Although it has taken us much of the winter we have determined that the lack of words completing a sentence or the addition of nonsense words to a sentence is an unconscious construction of immense numerical complexity. She actually speaks in sentences in which the number of words are always a prime number. Although I have not told the others, I have determined that, even more remarkably, the number of letters in the sentence are also prime. (I have not examined the number of spaces at present) She seems entirely unaware that she is doing this and in fact it would have gone entirely unnoticed except for the peculiar effect on meaning. While some of us routinely trail off when lost in thought.............Oh.... Ria always seemed precise and we thought it the thin air perhaps, but now I suspect hyper precision. The following sentence is typical of this new behavior. "Bloody hell he got my waffle ir" Now, I realized she meant "iron" and at first I mentally filled the last letter in...but now? She speaks in magic prime squares?"

William  - Kneeling down next to to SuTwo as she breathes a simple train rhythm through the harmonica I feel my thoughts collapse. Susan has stopped her chest compressions and SuTwo speaks yet I don't understand her language. It sounds like song (? ??...?) interspersed with clicking.
I wonder for a moment if she is African, Khoisan or perhaps !X?? or even ?Hõã.

It was strange how in the midst of this my thoughts drifted to past conversations concerning the origin of the blues. Their mischief and the fact of their very existence has been perplexing.
Extra dimensional or inner dimensional was not clear at all in Daumal's account. The lively enthusiasm of our heated debates during our voyage here lasted well into several evenings with no resolution.

Gaining traction in my musing was the possibility of certain magnetic effects aligning geographically that could alter our perceptions of the origin of thought.
Simply put; things that suddenly appear as if by magic probably already exist as potential, requiring only the right conditions to make it seem as if it had always existed.
I likened it to layers in an onion.

At the time Susan scoffed and claimed that if that were true I existed only as an hallucination.  I retired that evening thinking perhaps she's right.

November 13, 2010
Mara  - Terma all around us and yet not one member of the team has had time nor the inclination to gather any of the peradams. Is there a feeling among us that we have something specific to do first, if we could just pull ourselves together?

Looking down, "Hey! It's the other glove"!

William  - In the midst of the notes and clicks from SuTwo I heard something that exploded in my head as a synesthesia blue.
"Susan, stay with her, I'm going for a bit of a swim."
With that, I ran into the surf, my eyes on a small blue flicker of light half way to the reef. A few strokes brought me close and I reached for a small vial.


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