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The Events of 10/23/2010 - 10/25/2010 - Chapter 5

October 23, 2010

Mara - "This is a lucky break", she thought, knocking on the driftwood. At that, a wee door opened and a voice called, "Come in"!

Lee - Mara2 sat in the depths of the forest with Lee…  she hoped desperately the travelers did not see her, they would be dreadfully confused to know of multiple Mara's...or even the multiples of themselves...there are some things the duplicates liked to keep to quiet. Sometimes the others would catch a shadow or sliver of themselves that just made them question their sanity. Lee kept telling her not to worry so, they had more important things to concern them now.

William - The tiny blue in Susan's hair munched on his pistachio with contentment. He took his measurement as he massaged her scalp.
"Hummm... 1.29 not bad; less dense than most."
He scampered down her back and scaled Ria's red boots, made a small leap ...and perched on her head. Susan giggled, "friendly little guy!" and she threw a nut at Ria's head. The little blue made an easy catch, munched and began to massage.

"Hummmm...1.32; another good number! This group has potential."
Ria shoos the blue from her hair. "They're cute, but I've about had it with their mischief; plus the big guy made off with my rucksack. I want my waffle iron back."
Susan appraises Ria and their new friend, "You got the red boots back; that's progress, real progress."
Meanwhile, finishing up his nut, he makes a leap to William's head and continues the strange massaging with his furry paws.
"1.37.. not bad either; the males are usually more dense, more work but maybe he'll learn. Maybe a little hint for him."
With that the little blue scurried down the back of William's shirt and went to work. Scratch..scratch..scratch...down the pant leg and sprinting down the beach.

"$%^&***#@@..Your friendly little guy just scratched the heck out of me.  &*$@!#....better not be rabid!!!
William threw off his shirt not realizing the little blue was already halfway around the bend.
Susan yells, "Quiet, you're scarring him away!"
Ria peers at William's shoulder and exclaims, "He left a symbol!"

Mara - "Waffles", Mara thought - there's no doubt about that.

October 24, 2010

Susan - “Well, Bill, of course you get the graphic symbols and all I get are the nuts,” I continued to jest. “Better than a UPC stamp I guess…” But as I said that I realized that this may be just that! The parallel lines and geometric patterns as well the use of black ink normally required for proper bar coding. Maybe the squirrels have invented an encoding system. Like the Aztec system using a 2D visual system capable of storing large amounts of data. The information scripted may include letters, numbers, text and actual bytes of data, including extended characters. I think these critters are more sophisticated than we thought. Ria will know how to interpret this. I think they are ready to scan Bill and catalogue him first. Who would be next? Now I begin to wonder if this is a virtual lab. Where exactly are we people. All of a sudden an intense shiver went down my back and blue goose bumps start to rise on my uncovered hand that was pointing at the pyramid like arrow on Bill’s skin. “Bill, Ria, Mara, think fast, we have to leave NOW!” They all looked at me in bewilderment. They weren’t budging. They all shook their heads at me and Bill said” OK Susan, chill…rub your mukluks or something…breath…now, what is it this time?”

Lee - The sun was about to set as Lee watched MT2 writing frantically in her notebook..they knew they had little time to round up the blues & get them back through the warp before they were discovered was a daunting task as the blues seem to multiply faster in this atmosphere.  The blues could make all kinds of mischief in this world if left to their own devices..the travelers wouldn't know what hit them...We may need help Lee thought .....

Mara -I feel like MT0 about now... doesn't anyone see me? Have we each attended so many concerts that a lonely glow stick doesn't register as a call for help? Am I here? If I'm not here, then this ledge is following me--- I've simply GOT to pull myself together!

Lee - LG realized MT2 was getting feedback from could that be? this is really not a good situation for either of the MT's...did they see each other & become hopelessly confused? It was such a rare thing for multiples to could c...ause a rip in the tunnel what?
isn't rounding up rouge blues enough of a problem?

October 25, 2010
Susan - I sprinted out of there in a flash. No one was taking me seriously, seems they did not realize this menacing dilemma. I needed time to think, to formulate a plan. To my surprise I started to hop as I was running, my mukluks were propelling me higher and across great distances with every stride. This was exhilarating. The faster I ran the more altitude I achieved elevating me quickly, soaring into the endless blue sky resulting in an instantly larger gab between my friends and I.

At one point I was the same height as Mara on the cliff and waved frantically to her. I am not sure if she saw me. Everyone started to appear very tiny and I was thinking perhaps this was not one of my finest ideas. I started to feel faint and blackness started to overtake me. Brilliant flashing lights were sparkling within my eyeballs creating fantastical designs and patterns. “Wow”, I thought, “I have to remember this. This would make a great painting, I have never seen such intensity…”

Mara - This is eerie... like living philosophy... I see myself lowering a red rope down from the lip of the canyon AND I see myself ready to received said rope at the edge of the pool. If that's not enough to watch, meanwhile the largest and most handsome of the blues is gingerly lowering himself over the edge, and with his uncommon length is able to trace a path down the face. Is he climbing down to me?  NO! He's going past, am I the zero I feel like? Landing on the cave floor he turns toward the MT down there (don't ask even I can't tell if it's 1 or 2) and appears to be conversing while letting his truly majestic tail soak in the water. What is going on? That MT looks up at me and gestures.  I hope it's a good thing.

Lee - When LG turned around MT2 was gone...”Oh rats. Now what?  This is getting more and more complicated to control”.  The blue moon would be up soon making it nearly impossible to get all the escaped blues rounded up and back to where they belong.  They seem to be having too much fun here, and will not leave without a fight. I wonder, “Where SS1 has gone?”  Lee remembered that even cowgirls get the blues, she could be most helpful.

As LG watched SS1 fly higher she wondered how soon SS2 would come thru the warp to help with the roundup...LG knew SS1 knew the true menace of the blues...time to get serious...I always get the blues on monday she thought...

Mara - Big Blue started climbing back up the face of the wall slowly, trying this way, then that until he pulled up to stand next to me on the ledge. Every 5 seconds or so he'd move his tail 45 degrees from it's last position. I realized that the water held in his exceptionally fine and fluffy tail would begin to drip out if he didn't perform this exactly so.

In answer to his limpid eyes, which held mine, I dug out the empty soup can and held it out. He scrambled up my arm, placed his tail into the can and vigorously shook it. Thus free of his water burden, he set out again and fetched the rope, gravely handing it to me with a rather stern chatter.

Not certain what the intention was, but glad to have the rope in my hands, he grabbed the rope below my hands and performed a graceful slide back down to the pool, looking over his shoulder at me from time to time as if checking that I was paying attention. I made certain I did.

A whirling Susan appeared for a moment in front of me... was I beginning to hallucinate?

I wondered if taking just the smallest sip of water from the can would be safe...

Lee – I was watching the blue weave it's wooing of the unsuspecting MT and was filled with a dark and onerous thought, if she takes a sip of that tainted (tinted) water she would surely begin to morph into a blue nose.  Lee screamed,   “Mara!  Don't drink the water!”

Mara - Ha ha ha - dipping my nose towards the water, shimmering in the can. I wondered briefly about the proximity of the water to the base of the (any) squirrel's tale would poison me or cure me at this point I was SO THIRSTY. Why would Big Blue be performing this high wire act anyway? What was the ultimate destination for this water? Could it be for the line of tiny gesticulating blues at the top of the cliff?

Lee - Lee thought she saw a blue streak across the sky.  As it got lower there was SS(1 or 2?) diving directly toward the blues on the cliff top.  Her red boots glistening in the blue night sky.  That cowgirl WAS going to get the blues.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues - Susan Shulman

William -  I started to chase the little bugger but he was just a blue streak in the distance. I turned back to Ria and the rest, to my astonishment I saw Susan sprinting full speed in the opposite direction.

"Just great." I mutter. "I need a first aid kit and probably a tetanus shot and all hell is breaking loose here." Ria is staring after Susan and I grab her shoulder. "What did you just say about a symbol?”

Although lost in the spectacle of Susan's increasingly large hops she replies, "birds..two birds..pyramid in the middle..maybe it's an arrow...Will you look at that girl go!
Forgetting my new alteration, I stared in amazement too. "Mara, are you seeing this?" I turned to the piece of driftwood where she had been seated but she was gone. "Darn, darn and darn where is this? Holy leaping crazy woman!!! Ria, did you see that? 70 meters easy."
"Bill.!.!..Look at that ledge, is that Mara up there?

A sudden blue sparkle crossed the sky and collided with our high flying friend. A tangle of arms and legs fell from the sky and landed in the water, missing our ship by a whisker.

Ria turns to Bill, "I don't think she expected that to happen."

"No, she seems to surprise even herself. Let's go pull them out."
Ria responds, "Them?"

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